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Safest Challenge on how ANYONE can lead a healthy life that helps to manage weight. For anyone and everyone who likes to adopt a nutritious life and why it is not a choice but a necessity in the stressed-out Covid-19 era. In this honest, inspiring challenge, Grinto Davy, the founder of ESCASO®GDDiET® focuses ONLY ON actual foods, which he believes are the basics of health and weight los that help you develop the skills and tools to breakthrough obesity and other modern age health problems. In this easy to follow challenge, you will learn how to *Practice five principles of weight loss and health *The best and worst time to eat for optimal fat burning and optimum energy *Everything you need to know about eating proper foods and overcoming them *The basics of weight-loss and importance of actual foods *The principles of eating the right quantity of food each time and each day *The importance of food combinations *How to deal with common temptations and food cravings *The importance of sleep and How to improve the quality of sleep *The importance of drinking water *How to create effective routine of food habits which will lead to automatic weight loss and helps to improve your metabolism *The importance of actual foods over workouts *Put aside your old aged myth of weight loss like calorie counting, eat fewer do more exercises principles, avoid rice, eat oats, salad diets You can read and follow the instructions each day. This is a Self-Help Guide for better health. Read ESCASO CODE as a guide.

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