This challenge is an effortless guide on how ANYONE can lead a healthy life that helps to lose weight For anyone and everyone who like to adapt a nutritious life and why it is not a choice but a necessity in stressed out Covid-19 era. 

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Weight loss Challenge

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What You'll Learn

In this honest inspiring challenge, Grinto Davy, the founder of ESCASO® GDDiET® focuses ONLY ON real foods, which he believes are the basics of health and weightloss that help you develop the skills and tools to breakthrough obesity and other modern age health problems. 


This Challenge is an effortless guide on how ANYONE can lead a healthy life that helps to lose weight For anyone and everyone who like to adapt a nutritious life and why it is not a choice but a necessity in stressed out Covid-19 era. 

Practice 5 principles of weight loss and health

The Best and Worst Time to Eat for optimal fat burning and optimum energy

Everything you need to know about Eating Real Foods and

Overcoming the obstacles of Weightloss

The Basics of Weightloss and importance of real foods

The Principles of Eating Right Quantity of Food each time and each day

The importance of Food Combinations

How to Deal with Common Temptations and Food Cravings

The Importance of Sleep and How to improve the Quality of  Sleep

The Importance of Drinking Water

How to Create Effective Routine of Food Habits which will lead to

Automatic Weightloss and Helps to Improve Your Metabolism 

The Importance of Real Foods over Workouts

Put aside your old aged myth of Weightloss like Calorie Counting,

Eat Less, Do More exercises principles, Avoid Rice, Eat Oats, Salad Diets 

How to Chart your Daily Diet Plans 

Weight loss Challenge

This program is completely based on ESCASO GDDiET developed in 2008 and is found 100% effective in hundreds of individuals across the globe

You can read and follow the simple and easy to follow instructions each day and complete each day’s challenge. Within 45 days, with these instructions you will master of your eating plan.

But remember this challenge is not for 45 days alone. You should follow the instructions in the challenge for whole of your life. It will help to improve the quality of your family’s health.

You will feel the real difference within you. You will become more energetic and healthy. This will also add glow to your skin giving it all enrichments through real foods.  And hence, these will ultimately show results on your overall weight by reducing the excess fat. Remember weightloss is the side effect of healthy living.

This is a Self Help Challenge for Better Health.

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Pay only Rs.1999/-

limited time offer

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