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Let me show you why tens of thousands of people just like you are currently abandoning their ideas of weight loss for ESCASO® GDDiET®

But first, let me share with you a quick story that will help you understand what ESCASO® GDDiET® does, and why you need us.


Jolly wanted to reduce weight and be healthy just like you!

Listen to her story now, then Book Your Consultation at ESCASO® today!

Healthy Cooking

**Testimonial shown are real experiences from users at ESCASO®. their results are not typical and your experience will vary based upon your your individual body composition, your hormonal activity, your efforts etc... At Escaso we help educate the client about real foods based on real science depending  on their body composition, blood parameters,  their present lifestyle, daily diet and activity recall and personalised monitoring of daily habit.**

If you are here, then you are likely wanting to be healthy or to manage your lifestyle diseases like diabetes, PCOS, fatty liver, cardiac problems, infertility issues etc… or to lose weight or to do weight management...


Am I right?


Do you remember the moment you decided you wanted to be healthy?

 You wanted to get healthy to help yourself and those surrounding you impacting their lives!

 That’s What you signed up for… right?


BUT despite trying multiple diet plans, different diet Apps, Having spent more in your training.... your programs probably NEVER Actually taught you how to be healthy and stay healthy in the long run or manage your weight on your own.




Sure, you have always wanted to be happy... But you haven’t been able to stay on track, and it can quickly make you wonder: “why am I even doing this? “


Many times you want to be healthy and transform yourself, 

you try how some plan that may have worked for someone, 

Or some fad that is trending on the internet 

Or Starve yourself ...


Only to find out the truth…. that it doesn’t stay that way for long.


One of the biggest reasons for people like you to struggle to lose weight and stay healthy is because you have not understood the real reason behind your weight gain and real power of your body and real food and don’t know how to choose food, eat and stay healthy which can sustain in the long run. 

So the million-dollar question becomes: 


“How can you be healthy and sustain it 

or lose excess fat weight and keep it off forever? 


With proper guidance from experts at

ESCASO®, we aim to help you to be healthy and to sustain or enhance life 

Without starvation, 

Without strenuous exercises, 

Without unnecessary supplements,

Without medications


We help you understand why you are overweight, why you are losing weight, why you are gaining weight after stopping what you are doing now, why counting calories are useless, why exercise alone can’t reduce weight, why having good food is the key for weight loss and hormonal balance

You need a plan that’s easy to follow, sustainable, simple and flexible that easily fits in your lifestyle.

You are probably a decent healthy person… Right?

You are probably good at eliminating bad foods ...

You probably know a lot about different foods..

You might be health conscious ....


But , you are probably here because somehow

it’s not working perfectly for you .

That’s why we are happy to extend a

helping hand and guide and walk through

this embarkable journey with you . 


Let’s do it together !

If you want to...

Generate consistent high-quality life for you & your family

Be healthy

Manage your diseases

Manage your weight on your own

Create a suitable plan for Yourself 


You need to abandon your false views or fads about foods,

you need to believe in real food based on real science.

The truth is, you can easily target being healthy,

help manage weight on your own... If it’s done the right way.

Here’s how the ESCASO

helped Sruthi regain her confidence and lose her excess weight ...



“Have you ever felt handcuffed as a healthy eater... 

Just can’t seem to put all the right places together?” 


You know what I’m talking about.

You see, the vision…

You know exactly what you need to do !

Are you still wondering if you will be

able to do this with critical illness or age or disability?


Are you restricted about your age?

Or your critical illness?

Or have you suffered from chronic disease?

Or a stroke?


Listen to Mrs. Alice 

With Each passing day,

your excitement for building a healthy lifestyle gets dimmer and dimmer

when you don’t see results you are expecting, until one day it’s gone...


This is ONE of the BIG Reasons 

Why do so many of you QUIT…


Get on our bandwagon!!!

There is absolutely no regret about this! 

With the right knowledge, proper guidance and passion,

you are set out in the Right Way!

And we will handhold you in this remarkable journey!


 What are you waiting for?

YES! ESCASO® GDDiET® was Created for EveryOne of You….

  • Who aren’t experts 

  • Who doesn’t know how to eat right

  • Who are confused with what to eat 

  • Who have lifestyle diseases 

  • Who have no desire to get things complicated

  • Who likes to keep it simple

  • Who doesn’t want to keep calorie counting

  • Who like to eat all real foods

  • Who wishes the health of your whole family


It’s The SHORTCUT To Getting Your Enhanced Body With


Young Family

How it works

Still Confused!!! 
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