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Better health

Be Metabolically healthy! Get personalized lifestyle programs and support for weight loss & chronic health conditions, online or in-person.
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Personalised health & Weightloss plan based on Real Foods & Real Science. We teach you how to use food to heal, the #1 tool for vibrant health

Consultation is not a joining procedure. After consultation with Grinto Davy, you will get an idea about your body, your diseases, about your body composition. According to that details he will discuss and customize a suitable package based on your requirements. Then you can make an informed decision.

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Mobile App


This Mobile App is an online health & lifestyle learning platform developed by Grinto Davy Founder of ESCASO® - Body & Beyond, Author of ESCASO CODE. that helps people to live healthier by guiding them to improve their diet, psychology of eating, sleep, mental health, exercise habits and stress management. 
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 Our Goal Is . . .

To set you up for success on your journey to restore your health, revive your life, reverse your overweight & resolve illness.

We know there is a world of difference between treating the symptoms of something and taking action to keep it from happening again. For your private health, you know what's going on inside your body that causes the weight to go up, energy levels to tank, moods to sag, etc. You work with your body - not against it - by doing things like staying off your back, practising stress reduction techniques, or getting help with food sensitivities & allergies using the protocol to help strengthen your immune system so that you can begin addressing underlying issues that may contribute to the problem rather than just covering up the symptom(s). It’s time to get out of your body’s way and let it do what it’s supposed to do:

"Your body is made to work in harmony with nature, so sometimes it’s better to take a holistic approach when it comes down to your health. When things aren’t running smoothly with your body, you could deal with root causes that prevent you from reaching optimal health. However, if you can determine the roots that are keeping you from feeling well, then obstacles to your health will naturally dissipate and the dietary habits and lifestyle choices to help restore your body can become stronger than ever! So basically begin by taking care of what nature takes pride in; which in this case is yourself."

Grinto Davy Chirakekkaren

Founder - ESCASO® GDDiET®


 Our Goal Is . . .

  • Are You tired of Starving Yourself to Lose Weight?

  • Are You Struggling to Keep Your Weight Down?
  • Are You NOT Losing Weight?

  • Worried about How to be healthy and get rid of Diabetes, PCOD, Stress and Depression?

  • Wondering How Differently abled, or Those With Reduced Mobility (After Stroke, Knee pain, Back pain ) can Get Results? 

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We teach, how to use food to heal