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How to have a lasting impact on your Children’s lives by Transforming Your Body,
Mind & Energy In As Little as 45 Days… even if you have zero extra time Right Now

Now Do ESCASO® GDDiET® from your home…
Without giving up the foods you love…
EAT & Enjoy your Life...

Here’s a special message for every busy Mom who needs to make changes in their life, but can’t seem to find the time !

Hi, My name is Grinto Davy Chirakekkaren, an Orthopaedic Physiotherapist, Clinical Nutritionist and Health & Wellness Coach and the founder of ESCASO® GDDiET®.  ESCASO® started in 2006 and has treated thousands of people from all aspects of life.


If you are a mother, overweight with low energy levels and have lifestyle diseases, sleep disorders, PCOS, diabetes, digestive problems, muscle pains, and fatigue, then pay very close attention!


Much busy MOM suffers from the idea that changing your life, eating habits, overweight, health, and your children's lives is really hard and take a long time.


But nothing could be further from the truth


And if you are a MOM who wants to lose weight and regain the energy to have a bigger impact on your children’s lives… then THIS is exactly what you are looking for.


I’d like to introduce you to 

Super Health Food

Which Helps You with How to Change Your
Food Habits, Life, Energy Levels
and Mindset
Faster Than You Ever Dreamed Possible!!!

FIT MOM 45-day Challenge
Makes it simple for you to:
Get in Amazing Health & Shape
So You Can Have Limitless Energy Play With Your Kids

Happy Mother with her Child

Find all the time you need to be the most significant persons in your family life


Now you never have to worry about the belief that you don’t have the time to make a change again. 


STOP figure out diet plans and what you’ll cook… and let us give you an amazing diet plan, which is simple, easy to follow and flexible and YES!!! Its completely based on Real Science and focus on Real Goods You can eat all your normal homely foods in special  plan. 

I created this plan as a self Challenge method. 


Here we focus on TIME, QUALITY QUANTITY & COMBINATION of foods. Whether you are a vegetarian or Non-vegetarian You can easily follow this program. 


Forget about Diet Charts and Menus with Calories and Measurements prepared by Dieticians or Nutritionists or other Online Diet Plans. Its doesn’t work for you in the long term and in the long run.


In this Plan, with Simple Challenges, I make you the master of your eating plan. You will be master in Creating your own diet menu. You are the Master of your Quantity levels.  You can follow these simple principles with very easy steps.


Get All the Knowledge You Need to Transform Your Body and Mind into the Super MOM you deserve to be

 … and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!

And What makes this even better?


Now you never have to worry about the belief that you don’t have the time to make a change again! Never worry about weightloss, diet plans, strenuous work outs or gym. 


Which also means you’re not stuck feeling like someone other than you will be the one having the most impact on your family’s and children’s life

And best of All…
You’ll get the Results with the FIT MOM 45 Day Challenge in
Less Than Two weeks and It Costs you Only

Mother and Daughter Love
Mother and Baby

ESCASO® GDDiET® Regular Plans Starts From Rs.8500/-


But with this

Special offer 

you can do it from your home with help of a SmartPhone & It Costs 

Only Rs.2999/-


When you have literally tried multiple things,what's the harm in doing something healthy for YOU and for the whole of your family and that too at such a nominal rate


But Remember the Most important thing 



So again, if you’re a MOM who wants the energy to have a bigger impact on your family’s and children’s lives, understand this:


If you don’t change now, you’re letting someone else be the biggest influence in your kid’s life.


If you don’t change, the example you’re setting right now is the example your kids will follow for their lives. Are you okay with that?


Making the changes you need to make right now will totally revolutionize the rest of your life and your family’s and children’s future!!!

FIT MOM 45 Day Challenge from ESCASO® GDDiET®

Holds The Key To Your Health & Wellness

With More Energy & Time.

Cooking Class


Here I will hand hold you through the most important basic principles of overall health, leading you to lose excess fat weight! YES, for weight loss!


  1. Time - When to eat. This is completely based on the human body. Following this Challenge - TIME - Boost your metabolism to the next level. It will improve Insulin Resistance and help improvise other hormonal functions.

  2. Quantity - Don’t measure the quantity. The quantity depends on your daily activity. It varies day by day, time by time. Step by step, I will teach you how to correct the quantity.

  3. Quality - What you are preparing at home- that’s all. All normal actual foods are good quality foods. What is the avoid list. It is a short list. But, what to eat is a long list.

  4. Combinations - Food Combinations are the other most important part of healthy eating. You look for the combinations of medicines. Right? Looking for a food combination is more important than that. But it's simple, easy to follow and flexible

  5. Bonus - Sleep, Water & Activity

By these 4 simple challenges, you become the master of your eating plan. You can prepare your own diet chart. You can easily prepare your family’s and kids' meal plans. You become the real NUTRITIONIST of Your Family.


PAY Rs.2999/-


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How Do I Access The Program

This program can be accessed via WiX Mobile App. It’s a free App. After clicking the Join button in this page, window will open and ask to download the WiX app to access ESCASO® GDDiET® Program. You can download it from iOS App Store or Google Playstore. After download automatically open the page ask you to “Join and Pay”. Click the link select the date of joining and pay ₹1999/ - From the same date the program will start and you can get daily notifications on what to do.

This is a Self Help Challenge for Better Health.

Please read our Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions

For more details and clarifications,

you can get in touch with us through

WhatsApp Message at

+91 9446069330

Disclaimer : This is not a regular slimming plan. We focus on your health and your energy levels. If you have any diseases always make blood tests before beginning this program. If you are diabetic and follow this program very strictly, there is very high chance of dropping of your blood sugar levels and regulating it. So please keep in touch with your medical doctor. And regulate the medicines as per their expert advice. If you are taking medicines for hypothyroidism, there are chances to normalise the thyroid hormone functions with this eating pattern. Again consult your doctor and modify the medicines accordingly.


In this program, we are not recommending any medicines, supplements, injections, food supplements for weightloss. We believe in real foods based on real science. 

I hereby read and understand the Privacy policies, Terms & Conditions of this website and all the programs conducted by ESCASO® GDDiET®

P.S.  This is a short special offer, and once you miss it, this price will never be available again.  Take advantage of the price today, CLICK HERE TO PARTICIPATE THE CHALLAENGE

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