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Enhancing Life

It’s the beginning of you taking control of your physical, mental, emotional health.

ESCASO® - Enhancing Life, a 5 episode webinar series made to share all of the most important information to help you live better, longer and to lose weight for good. Obesity / Overweight is a disease or symptom of your underlying diseases. Only by knowing your body, you can create health & happiness. This webinar is a revolutionary tool for ageing backwards.
Whole episodes are conducted by Grinto Davy Chirakekkaren, Founder of ESCASO® GDDIET, Author of ESCASO CODE.



Introduction to ESCASO® GDDiET®


  • Defining Diet

  • Food Timing

  • Food Combinations

  • Gut - Brain Connection

  • Importance of Better Belly

  • Changing our beliefs for Better Health and Weight management

  • Importance of being informed to get Better Health



  • Hunger / Desire to Eat / Cravings

  • Why Hunger is Good 

  • Cravings - Causes & Tips to manage

  • Bad Foods - Why they Bad for our Health - No these foods are not on your bad list

  • How bad foods influence your hormones & health

  • Visceral fat ( Belly fat ) & insulin resistance / diabetes

  • Facts about sugar - most healthy sugar is not healthy for your health

  • Fat / Cholesterol / Oils - Myth & facts

  • Why you can't follow a diet blindly



  • Why should I lose weight

  • Physical / Psychological habits

  • Emotional eating

  • Make your home for health

  • Science of eating

  • Tips for eating

  • Find your own quantity - No more calories 7 no more measurements



  • Psychology of eating

  • Why you are not losing weight

  • Why are you fat?

  • Weight loss for women after 45 plus

  • Exercise - Myth & Facts

  • Why exercises are not for weight loss

  • Simple exercises for ages

  • Posture - Tips for correction

  • Quality Sleep - Importance & Tips for better sleep

  • Depression & Weightloss - Causes & How to manage 

  • Willpower will not work



  • Optimal health recipes for better health & better brain

  • Putting it all together

  • Q & A Session

For More details about the webinar, Time Schedule & Fee Structure Please call +918089009009

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