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Reprogram your health

Professional designed & led, lifestyle program proven to treat the root cause of your overweight/obesity and other related health issues applying functional medicine approach

The Innovations of Obesity management


Getting to know your history &
body composition 


ESCASO® Team takes the time to get to know about your complete life history and medical history to understand the root causes of your weight gain and other health conditions. We take complete body composition to find out total fat percentage, fat weight, muscle weight, visceral fat, metabolic age, water content and segment fat distribution. Based on your body composition and your present lifestyle and your medical history we will design a suitable package for you. The more we know about your health history, lifestyle and symptoms, the more we understand what makes you, better.


Blood Reports & Analysis 


Obesity, itself is a disease or a symptom of your underlying diseases. So after registering with the ESCASO® program, we recommend comprehensive blood tests like blood sugar levels, lipid profiles, thyroid function tests, food sensitivity, vitamins, etc. Based on body composition and blood reports our experts to uncover the cause of a persistent symptom.


Personalised lifestyle plans


From enrollment to reversal to long-term health, we equip patients with the tools for success. You will receive your tailored health plan, created by ESCASO® Team, which includes recommendation on nutrition and movement, lifestyle adjustments, supplements and more. 


Enhancing Life Masterclass


Master Class with 5 Module webinar series conducted by Grinto Davy Chirakekkaren, Founder of ESCASO® GDDiET® exclusively for our clients to equip them to take care of their health based on real science and real food.

Frequently asked question

YES! ESCASO® GDDiET® was Created for EveryOne of You….

  • Who aren’t experts 

  • Who doesn’t know how to eat right

  • Who are confused with what to eat 

  • Who have lifestyle diseases 

  • Who have no desire to get things complicated

  • Who likes to keep it simple

  • Who doesn’t want to keep calorie counting

  • Who like to eat all real foods

  • Who wishes the health of your whole family


It’s The SHORTCUT To Getting Your Enhanced Body With


Young Family
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