Forget Food Rules

I absolutely know how you feel when you read this. Oh yes ! we often hear this from the internet or from all surrounding people ( or so called concerned ones as they claim) telling us all new food rules which basically doesn’t strike a chord on a regular eating habits . For example, It could be as stupid as removing rice from your diet, replacing it with some high funda product we have never heard of earlier, not eating for a long period, skipping meals, starving yourself, taking weird tablets to cut out hunger, meal replacements, powders .... Seriously ?

Learn the power of real foods and

focus on how you feel when you consume them. Understand the bioavailability of nutrients in all natural foods that is already there in our staple diet.

Think of not just new losing out your numbers, it’s more about gaining your health. It’s about how long you can maintain what ever is lost healthily, rather than yo-yo swinging between diets. It’s about creating a lifestyle. It’s about small steps which creates greater and sustainable success.

For once, do justice to your body, mind and soul.

Forget calorie counting,
Forget measuring,
Forget weighing your food

  • Learn to Enjoy every bite.

  • Learn to value your feelings

  • Learn to take small steps to greater health

  • Learn to unlearn your biased myths

  • Learn to retrain your body with right nutrition

  • Learn to approach weight loss and health scientifically

Food for body, mind and soul

Holistic approach for wholesome wellness

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Focus on How You Feel !!!

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